Romance E-Book Writers: Captivate Your Readers in 4 Steps

It's no secret that romance fiction is big business in the literary world. It's estimated that this genre has brought in over $ 1.3 billion in 2011. This business has spilt over to the digital industry as well. The ease of self-publishing and increased profits from sales has attracted many writers. In 2010, said that their e-book sales surpassed the sales of their paperback sales. Currently there are 115 e-books being sold for every 100 paperback. According to All Romance, an online retailer that sells only e-books, romance fiction sales have more than doubled this year. So what does that mean for e-book writers? This translates into a lot of competition pure and simple. With these numbers, how does a writer captivate the readers and keep them coming back for more? These four tips will capture your audience and keep them coming back:

1. Initial Contact- In romance fiction, the way the characters meet is very important. It should set the stage for your story. It should be unique and it should be presented early. Your objective is to capture their interest within the first paragraph and keep him/her engaged throughout the story.

2. The Characters-Humanize your characters. You want to connect to your audience. One way of doing that is to develop characters that are believable. More importantly make them clearly and concise by defining their strengths and their flaws.

3. Facts-Do your research and understand the time period you are writing about. Don't have the star-crossed lovers traveling by automobile before they were even invented. Succinctly don't get caught up in a history lesson when doing so. Remember you're writing a romance story not substitute teaching a history class!

4. Pace- Move your story along without letting it get bogged down in too much detail. The emotions and actions of the main characters should set the pace and move your romance along to its desired conclusion. Too much description, history, and rhetoric slows down the pace of your story. Romance stories are always about two people finding each other and falling in love in spite of their differences and obstacles. Keep the pace aimed towards this path and your readers will come back time and time again.

Writing and self-publishing your own e-books can be a lucrative business. However you have to know your audience and capture their interest and gain their respect. Once you accomplish all three, you will keep them coming back.

Book Review for: "Unbreak My Heart"

Book Review for: "Unbreak My Heart" Written by: Helen Scott Taylor Self-Published Avail on Amazon as a Kindle eBook

5 Stars

Reviewed by: S. Burkhart

"Unbreak My Heart" is a heartwarming story about second chances. A baby in her arms, all Kate Frost wants to do is avoid the press. She seeks out her childhood friend, Andre Le Court for help. Dare he let Kate into his world or will she break his heart?

Set in contemporary England on the island of Jersey, Andre Le Court is a successful hotelier, having inherited two hotels from his grandfather. When he was sixteen, his father sent him to boarding school and he lost touch with his childhood sweetheart, Kate. Now, Kate arrives on Andre's doorstop with nowhere else to go. After a disastrous relationship with a reality star, Kate needs some breathing room. Andre takes her and her baby daughter, Keiko, into his home and immediately assists her in dealing with the hordes of press that are following her.

As Andre cares for her, old feelings are rekindled and clash with modern challenges. Andre asks for Kate's help in rebranding the hotel. She willingly gives it. Andre takes her shopping so she'll have a more modern, business-like appearance. Kate is a bit miffed and left to wonder if Andre accepts her as the woman she is now. Andre also grows a little frustrated with Kate and her reluctance to accept responsibility for her actions. Both have deep feelings they need to acknowledge and reconcile.

When a determined reporter, Jerry Markham, prints the truth about Kate's daughter, the fragile trust between Andre and Kate is tested. Can they embrace the future and the promise it holds, or will past wounds keep them apart?

Scott Taylor pens a delicious story filled with emotion and longing. The plot moves at a nice clip. The author's writing style is sharp and easy to read. The descriptions are spot on, giving just enough to allow the reader to picture the setting in their mind.

The most rewarding part of the story was the rich characterization. Both Andre and Kate explore their emotions in quiet, reflective moments, as well as with each other. For every step forward, there's a step back, too.

Andre has learned confidence and how to look at the world in practical way. Kate believes in being true to oneself. These are qualities that the other can grow in. The supporting cast compliments the main characters well. I also enjoyed the events leading up to the ending. They added a nice layer of suspense as to how the couple would resolve their issues.

The story is "sophisticated" for romance readers and has a love scene that captures the romantic longing and sensuality of the couple. "Unbreak My Heart" is a heartwarming romantic escape that will leave readers believing in second chances.

The Twilight Saga - A Romantic Fantasy

I have always been a sucker for romance. There was a time when Mills & boon, Silhouette romances were literally my bread and butter. But I grew out of them soon and switched to action packed adventures, spy thrillers, sci-fi thrillers and never looked back, till now.

I stumbled upon the Twilight series, when I was searching for a fantasy series similar to Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. HP literally spoiled me for any other books for quite some time because I couldn't find that kind of fantasy and magic anywhere else. Suddenly murder mysteries & thrillers looked very dull. What wouldn't I have given for another fantasy series with just the same brilliance!!

Even though the common link is fantasy in both their works, the series are handled quite differently by J.K. Rowling and Stephanie Meyer. While the HP series is really more of a growing up kind of book, where you can actually feel how the characters grow and mature with each passing year, Twilight has characters that are literally frozen in time and the genre is more romance interwoven with fantasy.

Stephanie Meyer's narration has none of the simplicity and brilliance of J.K. Rowling (Maybe something to do with the fact that she is English!)It is a bit convoluted and dragging at places where it could have been shorter. Yet, her words create a vivid picture in your mind. You become Bella Swan and when she swoons at the sight of Edward Cullen, you swoon right along with her. There is extraordinary brilliance in some of her chapters while some tiny portions definitely lack the same lustre.

The characters in the books are simply too sweet; Bella Swan, the oddly intuitive but clumsy and plain girl who falls head over heels for a vampire; Edward Cullen, the gorgeous vampire who can't help loving Bella and of course wanting her irresistible blood and one of my most favourite characters, and for many people I am sure, the russet coloured werewolf, Jacob Black. He endears himself to his readers by just being himself - warm, brash, quick-tempered, loyal and loving till the end and not to mention the hapless human father of Bella, Charlie Swan, caught in between all this fantasy and yet holding his fort with just his love and concern for Bella.

Edward Cullen is literally too good to be true. His love for Bella which almost feels like devotion to a goddess, is straight out of a fairy tale (Something that Bella herself contemplates, now and then) He gives her whatever she wants and would have given her Jacob if that's what she had wanted(and if Stephanie Meyer had the heart to do it of course). In the end, most of the loose ends get tied with Jacob 'imprinting' on Bella and Edward's half-breed daughter, Renesmee conveniently, solving the triangular love tangle easily.

When I said most of the loose ends, I meant that intentionally as some characters are still half reconciled and you get the feeling that there is more to come. Like for example, what happens to Leah Clearwater, the were-wolverine, who decides to join Jacob's pack and seems to nurse a soft corner for him? And there is Nahuel, another half-human and half-vampire who may be a competition for Jacob later for Renesmee's hand. There is also an invitation from Zafrina, the Amazon vampire who insists that Bella visit their rain forest along with Renesmee at some point. While these are trivial, there is the constant threat from 'the Volturi' who would never take the implied defeat at the hands of the 'vegetarian' vampires of Carlisle family. Will they come back and take on the Forks' vampires one by one? Will Jacob and Renesmee really need to run for it this time? Would they probably run to the Amazon rain forests? What will happen to Edward and Bella then?

Just maybe Stephanie herself has these questions in her mind and would come out with a new book, 'The New dawn' or whatever, if not a fifth sequel in the Twilight series. Just maybe!